Bambi Gets Lost

Monday, December 13, 2010

Bambi found a butterfly resting on a bush. He touched it with his nose and it fluttered away just out of reach, looking if it was going to settle again. It was very pretty butterfly, with red and purple wings and Bambi though it was very beautiful so that he followed it for miles, far away from part of the forest.

It began to get dark and the butterfly tucked itself away to sleep. Bambi stared around and alarmed. where was he?. A huge white face loomed down from the trees and said, " Too-Whoo-oo!!". Bambi shrank back in terror. " Don't be afraid" Said the thing with white face kindly. " I can see in the dark. Why you are out so late?".
" I'm lost," said Bambi, " and I can't find my mother".
"I know where is she. Follow me". And he floated away into the darkness.
"I can't see you". Bleated Bambi.
The owl return, blinking his big eyes. "That," he admitted, "is a problem. You daytime animal have such silly eyes. Ah! I know!". He vanished for a moment and return with lightning bug clutched in one foot. " Now you can follow me".  he said.
Bambi follow the little of the lightning bug safely through the forest until he was home. His mother was glad to see him. "Thank you owl!". She called. But the owl had already gone and all they heard was Too-Whoo-oo!!".

Source: Disney. A Story A Day.


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